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How do I use MailRoute?

Simply request a free 30-day trial and your account will be setup. After 30 days, if you’re happy, do nothing and we’ll send you an invoice. No credit card required at sign-up.

How do I pay?

You can pay online and/or update your credit card information here. Or, send a check to the remittance address on the invoice.

How am I being charged?

MailRoute bills you for the number of mailboxes in your account. During your 30-day free trial, we can build your list of mailboxes for you, by asking your server if an address is legitimate. If it is, we’ll send clean mail through for that address and add it to your account. Admins, remember to check your account periodically to assign aliases as need; those are free of charge. An alias will inherit its “parent” address’ preferences and settings.

Can I setup recurring payment?

Yes, we keep your information stored securely and process payment each month. You will receive an invoice/statement monthly.