End-user Filtering Dashboard Screenshots:

Filter for spam, viruses, bad MIME, bad headers, file size

Admin Dashboard Screenshots:

Granular controls over filters on Domain and End-user levels

Continuity + Archiving Lite Screenshots:

Continuity shows 30/60/90 days of clean mail during your outage

Reseller / MSP Account Features:

Redundant, Distributed, Reliable

  • 99.999% uptime guaranteed
  • 3x redundancy
  • Dynamic routing and undetectable latency: Most messages are processed in under 1 second
  • Counter advanced persistent threats with our cloud-based security solutions
    • Data loss prevention
    • Spam, phishing and virus protection
    • Email Encryption
    • Email Continuity and Archiving Lite

Threat Protection: Email Filtering

  • Multi-Layered and Proprietary: MailRoute’s own system is built to identify all threats, minimize mail volume (decreasing bandwidth, CPU, and other costs).
    • GreyListing
    • Best of breed Private & Public RBL’s
    • Multiple Virus Engines updated every few minutes
    • Virus Infected email is detected and destroyed before it reaches your network
    • Spam is quarantined
    • Lexical analysis
    • Bayesian filtering
    • Distributed traffic pattern analysis
    • White and Blacklists let you adjust scores
    • Includes Disaster Backup of server/ISP for 15 days “Store & Forward”
    • Hold mail during maintenance or upgrades up to 15 days
  • Customization and Flexibility
    • By domain and per-user, for ultimate sensitivity
    • Quarantine with email notifications (digests)
    • Subject line rewriting
    • Informational headers added
    • Compatible with all email systems (servers and hosts)

Benefits of MailRoute’s Email Protection Services

  • Risk-free implementation
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Reduced risk of missing crucial mail
  • Reputation protection
  • Increased server and network efficiency
  • No updates or maintenance
  • Reduced labor
  • Requires no hardware or software

Continuity and Archiving Lite: 24/7 Mailbox

  • Backup your internal email infrastructure and ensure that no email is lost or bounced.
    • Send and receive email even when your server is down
    • Fully automated. Requires no configuration or maintenance.
    • Automatic downtime detection
    • 30/60/90 days of clean mail through secure web portal
    • Add-on service for Filtering customers